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On-Site Yoga also known as Corporate Yoga or Yoga at Work is a great idea for employers and their employees. Companies have had much success with this program. I offer the convenience of bringing yoga to your workplace. Either on your lunch hour or afterwork, I teach you an hour long yoga class once or twice a week. Yoga is something fun and relaxing to add to your workday.

Improves concentration and productivity
Reduces stress
Improves strength and balance
Increases flexibility and muscle tone
Enhances immune system
Promotes cardiovascular and circulatory health

What you need
Comfortable clothing
Yoga mat
Empty stomach, plan to eat after class
Open space to practice
Willingness to move and have fun

"Whether you are a beginner or advanced student of Yoga, nimble or inflexible this class is for you. Jennifer is an exceptional instructor and has the unique ability to speak to all levels and abilities at once. I often arrive tired, knotted up and distracted, yet leave class more centered and calm while also feeling like I worked hard and accomplished something beneficial for both my body and my spirit."
~ Stephanie Brown, Health East

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